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Current News:

My wife Yvonne and I have returned from our November and December 2006 trip to UK, France & Germany & Austria to search for your missing china.

In May 2005 we replaced our trusty but elderly Motorhome fondly called "Alberto" who had travelled 95,000 miles and had 2 engine transplants with an ACE Milano Motorhome on a Fiat 1.9TD chassis . First registered in Aug 2002 it has proven an excellent mobile office & home away from home -- very nice. Its a 6.13m long coachbuilt with over cab bunk & a luxury fitout . Yvonne & I are much delighted and we find it a most effective transport for our many china "Finds" when we travel throughout the UK & Europe.

The following "missive" answers many of the questions we are often asked about how ChinaFinders works for you. I do hope it answers any questions you may have. If you have any outstanding questions please contact me (Ken Curry) and I'll be happy to advise.


Essential Information Needed:

For us to search effectively and to reply promptly we ask that you provide the following information when completing the website buyers registration form:-

  1. Your name, address, telephone number, (fax. number if available) and e-mail address.
  2. Manufacturer's name
  3. Pattern name
  4. Pattern number and any other manufacturer's marks
  5. Confirming Description detailing
    1. Body colour
    2. Body Pattern
    3. Border Pattern
    4. Edge trim colour
  6. Detail the number of pieces of china required in the boxes provided
  7. Where pattern name and number is not known it is essential to provide a CLEAR close-up photo of the pattern also showing the shape of the cups and plates/dishes in plan and profile (with handle shape shown) and an enlarged photocopy of the backstamp.

Please email (kcurry@chinafinders.com.au) or post the colour photo of the pattern & backstamp (150dpi is sufficient and works very well on most flatbed scanners). This is most helpful in confirming the details of your request. Please avoid encoding/compressing any picture sent as I often have difficulty in decoding /decompressing the picture Note: - Many small digital or film cameras have a macro feature which is ideal for closeup pictures.

In most (but not all) cases, the lack of a definitive pattern name will make the search for your missing china very difficult.

We will respond immediately with a current stock sheet where your requested stock is available.

Where we do NOT have your requested items in stock we will only reply at a later time when stock becomes available.

We currently don't have a facility to email a stock sheet to you but we can readily fax or post a stock sheet to you.

We have found that, over time , people regularly change their telephone number ,physical & Email addresses and many become "LOST" to us if their only point of contact is an email address or a telephone number. As a result, we may have found your missing china but be unable to contact you to advise you of our success. Because of the of the possibility of your "Missing Out" and the substantial wasted time we experience trying to connect to and follow up with "telephone only or email only" customers we "DO" request you to reply with your full range of communication details so that we have several effective means of sending a stock sheet to you should one means become obsolete.

We offer a free service and accordingly as a matter of business cost control & efficiency we seek to keep our database current and free of duplicates. Your support in this maintenance process is necessary to contain the costs of our free service and your help is much appreciated by us.

Please rest assured that we will not release your communications details to any other party.

After you register your request we transfer your details to our request database and we assign you a customer reference number to expedite future communications. Any future communication will then include this number which we then ask you to include in any reply.

Please be sure to advise how you found Chinafinders or who referred you to us.

Unfortunately, in my experience, "Enquirer's" who do not supply their full contact details are difficult to contact in our normal way by fax or post and usually become un-contactable within a relatively short time due to address, work or email changes.

I regard the provision of the Enquirer's full name ,address & telephone/fax as the minimum for any courteous, genteel communication & request for my assistance.

If you are located in Australia and especially if Overseas, your provision of a "FAX" contact number will significantly expedite our reply (if we have stock in your requested pattern).

Additionally it is essential to know if you or your partner have previously contacted ChinaFinders so we may avoid duplicates in our database & consolidate your enquiry's into one current record.

Please provide a landline telephone number as we are most reluctant to call mobile phones due to the large call cost incurred by ourselves as part of our free service.


Stock Holding:

Chinafinders has 50,000+ pieces of discontinued fine china tableware stock which ranges from the 1890's to the 1990's but stock is mostly from the post WW2 period of UK, European and Japanese manufacture. We are constantly searching for and adding to our stock of fine china. Where we have stock you require we suggest you order promptly to avoid disappointment. There are others seeking this pattern who, will have in the case of newly received stock, been advised simultaneously with yourself. Please note we only hold stock for customers when the order has been prepaid.

I do recommend you consider "spares" for your precious dinner set, when stock is available, as future availability of discontinued patterns is always uncertain..

When ordering please be sure that you do so from a current stock/price list. Our stock holding changes on a daily basis.


Cake Stands and Special Offers:

A tip for Teaset collectors.

A titbit plate or 2 or 3 tier cake plate is a grand and impressive serving piece for afternoon teas/ after dinners/ luncheons but these are now very hard to obtain and often are not manufactured any more.

These are a perfect complement to your tea set for that very current & fashionable "High Tea" afternoon social event

We now have a stock of silver & Gold metal stands and a special diamond drill so I can make for you that special item i.e.:-

  • Titbit stand
  • 2 tier cake plate
  • 3 tier cake plate or Candle Holder
Please check our plate stock in your pattern & Hey presto a very impressive cake /sandwich display stand at a much reduced cost.

It's timely to remind our customers that a breakfast set (2 Place settings) makes an excellent birthday, engagement, wedding gift.

In most cases we have in stock additional cup saucer & plates together with cake plates, sugar bowls and milk/cream jugs to complete or expand your tea set for a special, impressive & memorable occasion.

Contact Chinafinders P/L for our "Mad Hatters Tea Party" discounts for orders at the same time as that for a cake stand.


Website Purchasing Not Available:

It is NOT possible to purchase online as we are subjected to excessive bank charges & I have serious concerns about internet security. Hence we don't accept credit cards but we do offer several other convenient payment methods.

Please note the website stock & prices were last updated in August 2000 and are out of date. Only some patterns have an associated picture

However the website does give an indication of some of the patterns, of approximate prices and of the range of items we stock.


Glass or Crystal:

Should you be searching for crystal or glassware I must advise that these are products for which we do NOT search. I recommend you contact http://www.glass.co.nz


China Histories, Dating and Estimates of Value:

I have comprehensive catalogues, references and pottery marks encyclopaedias that can help establish the period when your china was manufactured and provide other insights.

Please understand that I get many requests for research of a china's history and for valuations that represent a large non-revenue portion of my very limited time.

Hence out of fairness and good business practice I must give the first preference of my limited time to "PAYING CUSTOMERS".

Time permitting, I'm always pleased to help current purchasers & previous customers establish the provenance of your precious family china when you visit or enquire by post or email.

For those serious collectors I do recommend you consult your regional library with a representative piece of the china in your hand. I always start ( and recommend you do the same) with an analysis of the backstamp and impressed marks as they offer great insight into the origin of the china. Be sure you check all the Backstamps & impressed marks of each piece of the china you have to resolve ambiguities and unclear marks.

Look in the library for authors

  • "Geoffrey A Godden"(UK china backstamps)
  • "Ludwick Danckert" (European Backstamps)
  • "Van Patten", "Alden" ,"Richardson" (Noritake)
  • "Louise Irving"- (Royal Doulton Series Ware Set of 4 books) "Susan Hill" (Shelley),
  • & also "Reilly & Savage" --" The "Dictionary of Wedgwood"

There are "Fine China Collectors " Society's in most states . "The Wedgwood Society of New South Wales Inc" Tel 02 98761028 email thomaspz@bigpond.com is very active & they have frequent workshops / outings. The newsletter is an excellent source of insights. It alone is well worth the subscription for Wedgwood collectors

Many of my enquiry's are for price/ valuation estimates. The www.chinafinders.com.au website is structured to provide answers to many customers requests. Should you need price estimates it is relatively easy to find on the website a priced china pattern the same or similar to that you have by searching the manufacturer for similar edge trim such as "gold" and body colour such as "cream or white".

I do ask as a first step that those with internet access visit my website www.chinafinders.com.au ,explore the price ,backstamp & company background information provided there and follow the many manufacturer's links to their respective home pages where you will find additional information of value to your china research.

Due to the demands on my time of a small home business I do not have the resources , possibility or inclination to reply to anonymous and/or inadequately or vaguely formulated requests. I regard the provision of the Enquirer's full name & address as the minimum for any courteous and genteel communication & request for my help.

I am pleased to assist Current Purchaser's without charge (wherever possible) who :-

Request information about provenance / history of your precious family china and provide their full name an address & for postal enquiries or requests requiring a postal reply a stamped addressed envelope (SAE) and Include clear & comprehensive descriptions of their china to facilitate my research. Where the pattern name is unclear or unknown, you must provide photos of the china by post or email & most importantly the backstamp and back marks(some of which may be impressed marks that must be sketched).

I am pleased to assist Enquirer's without charge (time permitting) who :-

Make requests for written insurance estimates as a result of loss through burglary or fire. and Provide their full name an address & for postal enquiry's or for requests requiring a postal reply provide a stamped addressed envelope (SAE). and Include clear & comprehensive descriptions of their china to facilitate my research. Where the pattern name is unclear or unknown, you must provide photos of the china by post or email & most importantly the backstamp and back marks(some of which may be impressed marks that must be sketched). and I must have a complete inventory & condition listing for the china in question prior to loss.

Where a SAE & written request is provided I will endeavor to provide without charge, an annotated priced stock sheet for the nearest ChinaFinders stock equivalent.

I am pleased to assist Enquirer's for a fee (note my comments above for free website searching) who :-

Make requests for written or verbal estimates for the purposes of estate valuation , insurance premium, for sale purposes elsewhere or other purposes . and Enclose a prepaid fee of A$75 by cheque or postal money order for the one item or dinnerset. For multiple differing items or multiple dinnersets we are pleased to quote based on estimated time to undertake the requested task. and Include clear & comprehensive descriptions of their china and its condition to facilitate my research. Where the pattern name is unclear or unknown, you must provide photos of the china by post or email & most importantly the backstamp and back marks(some of which may be impressed marks that must be sketched).

I will provide a written estimate on letterhead with copies of supporting documents where available. Please note that my estimate is an opinion only and that I am not a registered valuer.

Should you require a "Registered Valuer" I'm pleased to recommend Stan Prickett Tel 07 38866037. He is a registered valuer of high standing in the antiques trade and is expert in china, rare porcelain & antiques . He may charge $150 or more depending on the complexity of the valuation.

Should you have any old or not so old catalogues or books of china we would be most interested in borrowing , purchasing them or copying them to add to our library of china information. Please check our web site www.chinafinders.com.au where you will find a treasury of Royal Doulton & Noritake Backstamps and pattern number histories to use in dating your china and a comprehensive section on china company histories.


Contacting Chinafinders and Visits:

China Finders is a home business which is both good (no travel time to work) and bad (I live at work) .

Our office business hours are usually but not always 10:00AM to 2:00PM Monday to Friday (school holidays & when I'm overseas or away are often part staffed with the office variously closing between 1PM and 3 PM). These times are mostly (but not always) suitable for visits. We are sometimes available by prior arrangement on Saturdays around 11AM. I will, if personally convenient & practicable, assist customers at other times by prior arrangement especially if they are overseas or interstate visitors with limited time in Brisbane.

It is essential that you make a prior appointment to avoid finding the office unattended if you arrive unannounced.

Please advise where you will be staying and if you will have a car and I can send directions. & a local map by fax if you can provide me with a fax number

Should you be visiting and using bus & train to visit travel information & the timetables are available at

If you come by Bus we are quite convenient with a bus stop a short & level 100m walk away.

The nearest Bus Stop is called "Kenmore" is on Kenmore Road and is at the top of Crestview St.

Our office phone will be manned mostly (but not always) between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Monday to Fridays and is often answered at other times. Should I be unavailable an answering machine will be connected to take your message "so please don't hang up" and please do give full particulars of your request and full contact details so we can identify and respond to your inquiry. We are reluctant to respond to mobile phone numbers due to the large cost incurred to our free search service.

School holidays may reduce staff availability & we are usually closed on Queensland public holidays.

We welcome your personal visit and the opportunity to exchange "China Stories".

I ask personal visitors to make prior appointments and to reconfirm the day prior as, on occasions due to unforeseen circumstances ,I may not be available or our office may be unmanned for significant periods of that working day.

It will expedite your visit if you prepay any prospective purchase. The china can then be reserved for you & picked from stock prior to your arrival. Please note we only hold stock for customers when it has been prepaid.

This is especially important when I'm unavailable or overseas as we will be unable to access some stock on the day as many boxes of china are too heavy for safe handling by the female staff who will be present.

Most of our china is boxed & stored in large moving shelving units (called Compactus units) and is NOT suitable for browsing. If requested we will, if possible, make china other than your pattern available for inspection.

Should you visit please be understanding that we are a small understaffed home business burdened by government red tape, a personal 80 hour working week, the GST/BAS & insufficient space for 50,000 pieces of fine china.

Please note that personal visits are often quite chaotic especially when there is only one person present.

I ask your forbearance and patience as I attempt to answer up to 4 simultaneous telephone calls, enter data into a computer, find missing stock amongst our 50,000 pieces, pack orders, identify rare china, welcome visitors from near & afar and try to retain my sanity.

Please note that

  1. The email address kcurry@bigpond.net.au has been disconnected and
  2. The email account chinafin@powerup.com.au is overloaded with spam and has been disconnected.



Our website is designed to answer customer enquiry's about the introduction / discontinuation dates of patterns and the history of major china manufacturers. It also has an ability to search for similar patterns so as to establish a market value for insurance and similar purposes. If you need some discontinued fine china for yourself, wife or mother/mother in-law, etc. please check out our ChinaFinders web site.

There is lots of great information there (plus a few malfunctions and extra information to be added) on our web site at www.chinafinders.com.au

The website stock listing is a computerized database organized around maker, pattern name & pattern number last updated in August 2000.

We are a replacement service so it's optimised to lead visitors to the pattern they already have & for which they are seeking replacements.

When you don't know a pattern name we do have a key word/parameter search you can use .

  1. Click on the "Search for Your China" button on the HOME page.
  2. Click on "GO" this will take u to a largely black background search page.
  3. delete the % then enter the manufacturers name ( If it's not on the dropdown menu its not on the web site so you won't find anything by further search so give up and send an email with photo attach as detailed in section 10 below)
  4. enter the manufacturers name (e.g. "Royal Doulton") and some key word info such as body colour "white" or "cream" and edge trim "gold" or "gld" and click on "submit query"
  5. this will return a list of the patterns meeting the selected search criterion.

I would appreciate any suggestions and comments.

At this time until all aspects of our web site are fully functional I do need your post and/or fax. details to reply to you with a stock sheet when stock is available.


How We Work For You:

Our service is free and you are under no obligation to purchase when we advise that we have found china in your pattern. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

When we advise you that we have found china in your requested pattern, we do recommend that you order promptly to avoid disappointment. There will be others urgently seeking your pattern who have been simultaneously notified when we receive new stock.

We are constantly searching for china to complete your set.

We use your specific requests and that of others seeking the same pattern along with our business economic model & current stock to focus our purchasing on YOUR needs.

For instance in JULY 2000 I shipped a 20 ft container of mainly Royal Albert & Royal Doulton back to Australia from the UK. My selection criterion of which of the china to purchase in a huge warehouse was entirely driven by the specific requests of my customers. As a result there were many delighted china collectors who were able to find china for their sets. Hence it is most important for you to register the specific pieces you require and provide a confirming description.. That helps me to help you !!!

I proactively search for more stock where a discontinued pattern has been popular in Australia and I have a good list of requests.


Replying to your Enquiries:

When you communicate with Chinafinders we will always reply if we have the requested stock items in your pattern or if you have included a stamped self addressed envelope with your inquiry.

Due to the volume of enquires and the real cost to us of your free registration with China Finders we regret we are unable to personally reply to all enquiries.

Please use your customer reference number (if previously allocated) on all enquiry's as it significantly improves our ability to respond to your enquiry.

We will reply by mail, email or faxes as appropriate should we have stock in your requested pattern.

Should you fax, e-mail or call out of hours or when our answering machine is connected rest assured that we will record your request on our database. Please give as much information as possible to allow us to process and respond to your request. When leaving an answering machine message please speak slowly and spell any difficult or unusual words.

Please understand my time is at a premium. Simple history, value & identification requests are usually provided "with my compliments" (SAE required) but requests for detailed written valuations and time consuming china history/identification research will incur a prepaid charge of A$35 to $75 +GST .


Lids - A Very Difficult Task:

We currently have a comprehensive stock of lids (about 20,000) for most types of lidded tableware eg. Teapot, tureen, sugar and coffeepot. These lids are mainly Villeroy & Boch, Wedgwood and Royal Albert \ Doulton (our biggest stock of lids which includes undecorated white, suitable for a china painter or use as is, and decorated).

Note that finding & fitting replacement lids is an unprofitable, time consuming and troublesome process which we undertake solely as a service to our customers .

Please understand that matching or near matching lids is a difficult process. Size or firing distortions result in batch variations, which added together with changes manufacturers make over time, results in minor but significant changes in shape and size.

To match a lid there are two possible procedures available to you :-

1. You will have to bring in or send us the teapot or item that we can use to check the fitup of the lid. In some cases we will have an exact matching lid but in most cases we can probably find a lid which is a close (but not exact) match for style and pattern. You need to clearly indicate what is acceptable for you. If we are successful in our search for a matching or near- matching lid you will need to pick up or be prepared to pay our shipping and packing charges to return your item (if applicable) and lid plus the cost of the lid. If we are unsuccessful in our quest to find a matching or near-matching lid you will need to be prepared (where applicable) to pick up or abandon your item or pay our packing and shipping charges for the items return to yourself. We cannot hold your lidless item in stock due to our limited storage space.

2. Alternately (RECOMMENDED) you make a cardboard or sheet metal template which is an exact match to the teapot opening to which we will fit up available lids to test for fit. You must take responsibility for the template accuracy (ie. if it fits the template but not your teapot it is your problem). In some cases we will have an exact matching lid but in most cases we can probably find a lid which is a close (but not exact) match for style and pattern. You need to clearly indicate what is acceptable for you. If we are successful in our search for a matching or near- matching lid you will need to pick up or be prepared to pay our shipping and packing charges plus the cost of the lid.


Stock Categories:

Our stock is described in the following graded superior conditions: -


No noticeable defects or wear marks on detailed inspection. No chips, cracks, crazing, factory defects or other deficiencies unless expressly stated. On close inspection obliquely in a good light with a magnifying glass there may be visible none or at worst a few use knife marks, minimal or no scuff marks to the glaze and none to minute wear to the metallic or other edge trim. This is the type of minimal wear the china may have been expected to have experienced during infrequent use and careful handling over the lifetime of the china. Note:- we do not define our china on offer as new.

" Very good",

Minimal noticeable defects or wear marks on detailed inspection. No chips, cracks, crazing, factory defects or other deficiencies unless expressly stated. On close inspection obliquely in a good light with a magnifying glass there may be visible a few use knife marks, minor scuff marks to the glaze and minor wear to the metallic or other edge trim.


Minor noticeable defects or wear marks on casual inspection. No chips, cracks, crazing, factory defects or other deficiencies unless expressly stated. On close inspection obliquely in a good light with a magnifying glass there may be visible a few use knife marks, Minor scuff marks to the glaze and minute wear to the metallic or other edge trim

"Good Used".

Good Used Condition This will have some or all of the following. NOTICABLE minor wear on the gold or silver edge trim, NOTICABLE minor surface wear , NOTICABLE minor pattern fade and NOTICABLE cutlery scratches to the glaze as the result of extensive use & handling over the lifetime of the china. This is the least I would personally accept to put on my own table for a dinner party but would use myself where possible. No chips, cracks, crazing, factory defects or other mechanical damage unless expressly stated.

From time to time we obtain stock items missing the manufacturers back stamp. Whilst this does not detract from the appearance or utility of the item we usually but not always note this in the item description.

Where there are other known defects or deficiencies these are stated on the stock sheet.

We do attempt to make an accurate description of china we have on offer but the classifications are our own as above. You should also consider that the china you have requested and that we have on offer is probably 10 to 80 years old and is not "brand new". Please also note that the technology used in china manufacture 50 years ago was often of a lesser standard than that of comparable china today. Our stock is variously composed of - manufacturers end of line clearance, factory seconds (minor imperfections but carefully selected) and second hand (as-new to used) china. We do NOT offer "NEW " china as despite some china being unused we are unable to reliably distinguish the stock origins after it is inventoried.

Should you require New or Unused china to meet a religious/social requirement our stock is not characterized as such and accordingly we are unable to assist you. We do not knowingly put into stock china that has noticeably worn edge trims, crazing, worn or faded patterns or glaze, chips or cracks unless we explicitly define the deficiency. Unless our quality description is "grossly" inaccurate or we make an error in what we ship we consider each transaction final. Should we make an error in our quality or shipment we will make every endeavour to rectify that error within the scope of what is possible and fair. We do not accept responsibility for customer mis-orders although we have, on occasions, accepted returns subject to a restocking fee of 25% where we felt it appropriate.


Payment Methods:

We do not have credit card facilities at this time nor do we plan to in the foreseeable future due to the approx 5% additional cost to ourselves &/or the customer and my concerns about security of customers credit information & transaction security.

For Australian Orders we accept personal cheque, postal money orders bank cheques and direct transfers /Telegraphic Transfers by prior arrangement.

For Overseas orders we accept A$ bank cheques drawn on an Australian bank , international money orders and direct transfers /Telegraphic Transfers.

We also can accept foreign currency personal cheques, from several countries including USA & NZ ( please contact us for other countries) provided the appropriate "worst" exchange rate to A$ total is applied + an additional A$10 to reimburse us for overseas & local bank clearance charges. This last procedure is often most convenient and least expensive for overseas purchasers.

Please contact us for an exact quote in any overseas currency you may wish to nominate.

Any direct payment or TT must be accompanied by a separate fax or email "detailed" order which exactly mirrors our stock sheet information to avoid any confusion as to the goods being ordered. It must refer to your ChinaFinders "Customer REFERENCE NUMBER" in the TT & state "notify recipient on receipt of funds" in the instructions to the recipient bank.

Account name K.E.CURRY CFI-DD
Account number:- 484 799 045995728

When remitting please always use your customer reference number as the deposit reference and provide a separate detailed & swift communication of the specific china ordered by tel., fax or email.

Bank Charges:- All charges must be to the remitters account. Please confirm with your remitting bank the net amount that will arrive in our account as Banks remitting/receiving/transferring a TT have a habit of siphoning of an extra A$25 or so before the funds arrive in our account as happened to a recent transfer from NZ.

If you are located in the UK or have UK funds available I have a UK Pds Account in the UK at HSBC.

HSBC UK account details:-
Account name :-Kenneth Edward Curry
International bank account number GB23MIDL 400516 41350447
Branch identifier code MIDLGB2107E

I can accept an A$ equivalent in UK Pds cash , personal cheque or direct deposit deposited into my HSBC account at any UK HSBC branch without any currency or bank exchange fees.. Current exchange ( 1 Oct. 2005) is UK 0.4325 Pds =A$1.00. Please use your customer reference number as the transaction reference and confirm any remittance/transfer by separate email or fax so the remittance and your exact order can be confirmed.


Stock Allocation and Ordering:

We see a key part of our Business Mission as "Completing Customer Sets".

When we receive more orders than we have available stock we allocate stock on the basis of first payment received. When orders are received on the same day the longest waiting customer is given priority. Customers who have missed out on previous orders are also given priority where possible to enable them to complete their dinnersets.

My staff are not authorised to hold stock for a customer whilst waiting for payment to arrive.

I will (for practical reasons & fairness) hold stock for overseas customers to allow sufficient time (usually 2 weeks) for their payment to arrive.

Should your request be urgent I recommend that you dispatch your payment via Australia Post "Yellow envelope" overnight Express Post which usually reaches us the next working day.

We do find, at times for various reasons, that we are unable to fill all of a customers order. Unless instructed otherwise in writing with the order payment we will ship that part of the customers order for which we have stock and issue a refund cheque for the balance.

Should you or a friend or relative wish to personally collect your china (and save the shipping & packaging costs) we would welcome their visit. Please be sure to make a prior appointment (and confirm the day prior) to visit as on occasions I may not be available or our office may be unmanned for significant periods of that working day.

We recommend that you prepay your order and specify the name and telephone number of the person who will collect on your behalf. Due to our limited storage space we do request that you arrange collection within a month of payment. We do allocate china on the basis of first payment received so failure to prepay may lead to disappointment.

Please be aware that we do NOT have credit card facilities and that prior arrangements are necessary to accept personal cheques on the day. There is however within 1km at the Kenmore shopping village most major banks with their attendant cash machines.


Shipping Within Australia:

Our price list incorporates a schedule of shipping prices for Australia to the basic destinations served by our courier and that of Australia Post. We ship anywhere within Australia however shipping to remote areas is by specific quotation. Shipping & packing costs are based on weight, volume and remoteness of destination.

Please note non-urban & remote country areas may be deliverable by courier to a town agent only- Please specify with order.

For your protection all courier services are receipted (signature required) delivery and also Australia Post shipments are forwarded Registered Post & insured (also signature required) and so cannot be delivered when there is nobody to receive & sign for the shipment.

Our courier will normally leave a "Unable to deliver" calling card if no one is available to receive the ChinaFinders shipment.

It is essential that you contact our courier "promptly" to make alternate arrangements for delivery.

Should you fail to make arrangements for delivery

  1. The goods may be returned to us ( and hence require an additional payment to cover the return and re shipping to you) or
  2. The courier company may request of you a further payment to effect a repeated visit to your address or
  3. They may request you to collect the goods from their central depot.

Should you not be available during normal delivery times to receive a shipment it is essential that you advise in writing when ordering how we can effect a delivery. (ie OK to leave on side verandah without signature). We utilize receipted delivery as a security measure for your shipment and we do not accept responsibility for delivery of shipments where the customer waives the "receipted delivery" signature requirement.

Small items less than 500gm when packed ie a bone china saucer or cup will ship Australia Post Registered & Insured to A$100 at a special rate of A$13.

Busfreight (Greyhound/McCafferty's) is currently our preferred courier from Brisbane, to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth , Hobart and adjacent areas. Busfreight (Greyhound/McCafferty's) will deliver up to 30 Kg. in increments of 5Kg. to most larger metropolitan and some near Country Street addresses. Their prepaid vouchers come in 3Kg, 5Kg,10,Kg, 15 Kg, 20Kg (with 5kg add ons to 25Kg & 30kg -depot only) and they ship to all states – essentially where the McCafferty buses stop & most adjacent areas. Delivery to country/remote areas may require the customer to collect his shipment from the nearest "Busfreight" depot or agent or Post Office.

We do utilize Fastway for Sydney Metro, Melbourne Metro, Canberra and near Brisbane shipments. Fastway ships in 5kg increments to 25Kg and shipments can be tracked on line at http://www.fastway.com.au/ Call Chinafinders to obtain a parcel consignment number and to determine if we shipped your parcel Fastway.

Shipments to areas or post addresses (such as POB) not serviced by Busfreight (McCafferty's) may ship at additional cost to the customer usually by Australia Post.

Please call Chinafinders to clarify your shipping costs if unsure or check Busfreight (Greyhound/McCafferty's) online www.busfreight.com.au to determine if there is Busfreight door to door or depot delivery in your area. The Busfreight & Fastway websites can be searched to determine the contact details of your nearest depot if you are concerned about a missing or delayed parcel.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for dispatch of your china from our premises from the date of our receipt of your payment. We may at times be able to expedite delivery but we must advise you that whilst our couriers may claim a specified level of service (e.g. a 2 day service Brisbane to Melbourne) this is often but not always achieved in practice.

When requested we will ship Australia Post up to 20 Kg. to post office counter, POB, MS and RMB addresses with higher charges than courier due to the need to post registered & insured and to account for staff time to stand in a queue at the post office.

Note that Australia Post charges for volume at the rate of 250 Kg /Cu Metre. This means that A/Post parcels are often charged at over 4x the equivalent weight charge due to the volume of the box required to safely ship your parcel. For instance a single dinner plate (when safely packed) will usually attract a volume charge at A/Post of 5Kg.

Please note that for Non-urban country addressees & small townships courier delivery by Busfreight (Greyhound/McCafferty's) is usually only possible to a larger town agent.

Please note that Busfreight (Greyhound/McCafferty's) –Up to $10,000 , Fastway up to $1500 only, & Australia Post (shipment value) shipments are insured.

Be aware that all other couriers ship at "your risk" as their service does not include insurance.

Note that when the RECIEVER signs for receipt in "good order and condition" the carrier will not accept a subsequent claim for damage to the shipped goods.

When estimating freight charges please weigh the equivalent pieces in your existing dinnerset and allow extra for packaging and volume pieces such as teapots and tureens. For example to safely pack a single dinnerplate requires a largish box that usually volumes at 5Kg. even though the packed weight is less than 3Kg..

If you are in doubt, we will be pleased to quote for shipping within Australia.


Shipping to International Customers:

There have been recent substantial Price Rises & Changes to international postage from Australia. Please check with Chinafinders for a current price for Intl.Post, Insurance & Packing for your actual order.

As examples of the cost of packing & international economy air insured post ( please note that Australia Post often charges by volume (250 Kg/Cu M) for international post, a procedure that can increase by a factor of 4 the weight charge) : -

Rates to New Zealand
Pack, Post & Ship up to 1.5Kg (Packed Weight or Volume)+A$100 insurance costs = A$45 + A$2.00/A$100 additional or part $100 insurance , Additional packed weight or Volume charge per extra 0.5Kg to 20 Kg total = A$4.40 / 0.5Kg (or part 0.5Kg).

Rates to USA ,Canada & UK Shipping Charges ( Intl. Postal Zones 4,5 ) Pack, Post and Ship up to 1.5Kg (PACKED Wt. or Volume) +A$100 insure =A$57 + A$2.00/A$100 additional or part $100 insurance , Additional packed weight or Volume charge per extra 0.5Kg to 20 Kg total = A$7.40 / 0.5Kg (or part 0.5Kg).

Overseas airmail postal delivery can take 2 to 4 weeks from our date of dispatch . Surface /sea post is not available to NZ but is available at a lower cost to many other countries. Surface post Delivery to the USA is typically 3+ months so please be prepared for a slow delivery.


Old Catalogues Needed:

We are always searching for old and not so books about china, old manufacturer's catalogues or brochures to add to our pattern library. We would be most grateful to be able to beg, buy, borrow and/or copy any that you may have available.


We Buy China:

We are constantly in need of quality bone china, porcelain, earthenware and stoneware tableware in excellent condition to purchase for our stock. We buy full or part dinner or teasets in all the well-known quality brands from all over Australia. We will be pleased to make you an offer for that dinner set that you never really liked that is gathering dust in the back of your cupboard. Your unwanted china may be precious to someone who needs to complete his or her dinner set. Please see the help in the Sellers page or ask me to send by email ,fax or post details of how we arrange, from afar, the purchase of china from you.


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