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Royal Doulton traces its ancestry back to the Jones, Watts & Doulton pottery in Lambeth in 1815. By 1826 the company was trading as Doulton & Watts, and in 1853 became Doulton & Co. The turn of the century saw the granting of the Royal Warrant and permission to use the epithet 'Royal.' The history of Doulton Lambeth ceased in 1956 with the closure of the factory and studios. By that time most of the production had been transferred to more modern works.

There follows a selection of the backstamps most commonly used on Doulton Lambeth wares, and some further brief hints on dating. The information is taken from "The Doulton Lambeth Wares" by Desmond Eyles. This comprehensive work contains a great deal of valuable material besides, including monograms and biographical details of individual artists and assistants (see below).




Impressed, moulded or incised marks on stoneware and terracotta products, c. 1827-1858. Notes:
(i) No marks have been traced for the Vauxhall Walk period 1815- 1826.
(ii) No. 15 High Street, Lambeth, was renumbered 28 in 1838.
(iii) John Watts retired in 1853 and the name of the firm became Doulton & Co. The name Doulton & Watts may, however have been continued in trade-marks for some time.


Impressed or printed marks on plain brown- and cream-glazed stoneware c. 1858-c. 1910. Also found impressed on some of the earliest Doulton Ware with simple incised decoration 1866-1869. After the word 'England' was added.

There are several minor variations of this impressed or printed mark, used on plain brown-and cream-glazed stoneware c. 1891-1956. It is also found very occasionally on Doulton Ware and Lambeth Faïence.


George Tinworth, who always regarded Henry Doulton as his patron used these names, roughly incised, on many of his panels and plaques. (The old firm known as Henry Doulton & Co. had in fact made drainpipes and had ceased to exist long before Tinworth came to Lambeth).


Impressed mark on early Doulton Ware c. 1869-1872.


Impressed mark on Doulton Ware. The date was added between 1872 and 1877 and occasionally between 1877 and 1887. A circular printed variation of this mark is also found.


Impressed or printed mark on Lambeth Faience c.1873-c. 1914. After 1891 the word 'England' was added. A date was sometimes inserted in the centre of the mark. This mark is found also on Doulton Ware.


Impressed mark on Doulton Ware c. 18761880. A date is usually found impressed nearby. Occasionally found on Lambeth Faience.


Impressed or printed mark on Lambeth Faience c. 1873-c. 1914. After 1891 the word 'England' was added. Sometimes both No. 9 and No. 11 appear on the same Pot.


Impressed or printed mark on Doulton Ware c. 1880 to 1902. After 1891 the word 'England' was added. The year of production also occurs occasionally. This mark is sometimes found on Lambeth faience along with No. 11.


Impressed or printed mark on ashtrays and other small items of Doulton Ware. Occasionally found also on larger pots; c. 1891-1956.


Impressed or printed mark on Impasto Ware 1879 - c.1914. After 1891 the word 'England' was added.


Impressed or printed mark on Crown Lambeth Ware 1891-c. 1903. (Mark No. 12 with the word 'Crown' above it is also found, especially before 1894).


Several variants of this mark, used in conjunction with Doulton Ware or Lambeth Faïence marks are found on Chiné and Chiné-Gilt Wares 1885-1930.


Impressed or printed marks on Marqueterie Ware 1887-c. 1906. After 1891 the word 'England' was added.


Impressed or printed mark on Carrara Ware 1891-1924. Between 1887 and 1891 Mark No. 12 is found on Carrara Ware.


Impressed or printed mark on Silicon Stoneware c. 1880-1932. The word 'England' was added after 1891. Mark No. 12 is also found on some early Silicon Ware.


This mark, in conjunction with No. 12 or No. 21, is found on some pots made in the early 1900s, with a metallic coating obtained by the electro-deposition of silver and copper.


This new mark, available for use on all the decorated Doulton Lambeth and Burslem Wares, was introduced in 1902 after the Company had been given the right, the previous year, to use the description 'Royal Doulton' for its products. (Some of the marks for specific wares were continued in use with or without No. 21). The lower portion (without the lion and crown) was used on smaller pots from 1902 to 1956.


Impressed or printed mark on Doulton Ware 1922-1956.


Impressed or printed mark on slip-cast Doulton Ware such as figures and noncircular pots c. 1912-1956.


Printed mark on hard-paste porcelain figures c. 1918-1933


This monogram is also found on some hard-paste porcelain c. 1918-1933. It is made up of a combined M and T, denoting not the designer but J. H. Mott, art director, and W. Thomason, chief chemist, who developed the new porcelain body.


Impressed or printed mark on 'Persian Ware' c. 1920-1936.


This mark is found on a range of pigment decorated pots introduced in the mid 1920s. It has also been found on some large wall-plaques. It appears to have been discontinued by 1939.

Further Aids to Dating

The approximate date of introduction of such patterns may be estimated from the following table. It must be borne in mind that some patterns, if they proved popular, were continued for several years after their first introduction. The trade-mark will also help to determine the approximate date of manufacture.



It will be noted that after Sir Henry Doulton's death in 1897 the average number of new introductions a year dwindled considerably.

Between 1902 and 1925 impressed lower-case date-letters are found on some pots. These letters run in consecutive order from c in 1902 to z in 1925. They usually but not always appear inside a shield.

On slip-cast wares the month and year of manufacture were sometimes indicated by impressed figures, e.g. 10.21 for October 1921.

Registration Marks and Numbers

On designs registered at the Patent Office between 1842 and1883 a diamond shaped mark will usually be found in addition to the normal trade-mark. Two different patterns of diamonds were used but so far as the Doulton Lambeth Wares are concerned one need only consider the following:

The most important item here is the letter on the right-hand side of the diamond (C in the above illustration) which indicates the year of registration (1870).

The following is the key to these letters:



I: 1872 S: 1875


J: 1880 U: 1874

1878 (part)

K: 1883 V: 1876


L: 1882 W: 1878 (part)


P: 1877 X: 1868


    Y: 1879

The letter at the bottom of the diamond indicates the month of registration as follows: A: December; B: October; C or O: January; D: September; E: May; C: February; H: April; I: July; K: November; M: June; R: August; W: March.

From 1884 onwards Registration Numbers were used instead of the diamond shaped mark. The following table shows the first number issued each year up to 1909. The numbers f from 1903 to 1909 are approximate. A slight overlap may occur between the end of one year and the beginning of another.

1884: 1

1901: 368154 1934: 789019

1885: 19754

1902: 385500 1937: 817293

1886: 40480

1903: 402500 1940: 837520

1887: 64520

1904: 420000 1943: 839980

1888: 90483

1905: 447000 1946: 845550

1889: 116648

1906: 471000 1949: 856999

1890: 141273

1907: 494000 1952: 866280

1891: 163767

1908: 519000 1955: 876067

1892: 185713

1909: 550000 1958: 887079

1893: 205240

1910: 548920 1961: 899914

1894: 224720

1913: 612431 1964: 914536

1895: 246975

1916: 653521 1967: 929335

1896: 268392

1919: 666128 1970: 94493

1897: 291241

1922: 687144 1973: 960708

1898: 311658

1925: 710165 1976: 973838

1899: 331707

1928: 734370 1979: 987910

1900: 351202

1931: 760583 1982: 1005700

Royal Doulton

167 Picadilly, London, W1 V 9DE
Telephone (071) 491 2717

A varied programme of exhibitions of interest to the Royal Doulton enthusiast.

Artistry in Action

Take a trip around the Royal Doulton Pottery in Burslem and see artistry in action. During more than a century and a half Royal Doulton have gained a unique reputation for ceramic work of art. Each new generation of potters and ceramic artists strives to improve on its predecessors' work. Our world famous figures, ornaments and fine china take shape before your eyes as you are guided through every facet of our centuries old creative art.

Write or telephone for full details:

    Mrs Sandra Baddeley
    Tours Organiser
    Doulton Fine China
    Nile Street, Burselm
    Stoke-on-Trent ST6 2AJ

    Telephone: (0782) 575454

The Sir Henry Doulton Gallery

This unique gallery, at the Doulton Fine China Nile Street Pottery, Burslem, traces the story of Doulton from its foundation in 1815 and includes the world famous collection of several hundred rare figures. The gallery is named after Sir Henry Doulton, son of the founder of the company, who was the first potter ever to be knighted for services to ceramic art.

Open weekdays, 9.00-4.15. Closed factory holidays. (no appointment necessary) Telephone (0782) 575454

A body of collectors has grown up interested in all branches of Doulton's varied output and today an International Collectors Club exists to cater for this interest- full details can be found below.

The Royal Doulton International Collectors' Club

The Royal Doulton International Collectors' Club is a flourishing organisation devoted to meeting the needs and special interests Royal Doulton enthusiasts.

Why don't you take advantage of the many benefits?

How the club can help you
You have the opportunity to add to your collection with specially commissioned items. Exclusive to members, on a limited basis, they bear the unique backstamp of the Club.

Members are kept up to date on collecting matters by mailings. Four times a year you will receive the well illustrated Club magazine, full of articles and news concerning Royal Doulton wares past and present. One of the jobs of the Club is to help you identify and date unusual items and find out other relevant information by referring to the Royal Doulton archives.

The club regularly announces where Royal Doulton artists and designers are holding demonstrations. If visiting the Potteries, Club members are invited to tour the Royal Doulton studios free.

To take advantage of all the benefits of membership write for an application form to Royal Doulton International Collectors' Club at U.K. Branch, Minton House, London Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7QD, Telephone (0782) 744766 or to the appropriate address shown below.


To satisfy an overwhelming demand from the world's museums, libraries and collectors, these handsome and authoritative reference books have been published with the full co-operation of Royal Doulton.

Each one is written by an acknowledged expert, copiously illustrated, and will remain the definitive work on specialist aspects of Royal Doulton artistry for many years.

"The Royal Doulton Figures Book" c.1890-1987

Desmond Eyles, Richard Dennis and Louise Irvine

"The Doulton Burslem Wares"

Desmond Eyles

"Royal Doulton Series Ware" Volume 1
"Royal Doulton Series Ware" Volume 2
"Royal Doulton Series Ware" Volume 3
"Royal Doulton Series Ware" Volume 4  

Louise Irvine
"The Doulton Story" Paul Atterbury and Louise Irvine
"Collecting Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs" (revised edition) Jocelyn Lukins

"Doulton Kingsware Flasks"

Jocelyn Lukins
"Doulton Flambe Animals"

Jocelyn Lukins

"Doulton Burslem Advertising Wares"

Jocelyn Lukins
"Doulton for the Collector" Jocelyn Lukins
"Phillips Collectors Guide - Royal Doulton" Catherine Braithwaite

"Royal Doulton Limited Edition Loving Cups and Jugs"

Louise Irvine and Richard Dennis
"Sir Henry Doulton Biography" Edmund Gosse

"Hannah Barlow"

Peter Rose
"Bunnykins Collectors Book" Louise Irvine
"A Bunnykins Book -Counting"
"A Bunnykins Book - Nursery Rhymes"
"A Bunnykins Book - ABC"

"A Bunnykins Book - Rhyming Games"
All four books illustrated by Colin Twinn

Royal Doulton Addresses

Royal Doulton Limited,
Minton House, London Road
Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7QD
Tel: (0782) 744766

nv Royal Doulton (Belgium) sa,
25 Europark Noord,
Sint Niklaas 2700, Belgium.

Doulton Tableware Pty, Limited,
17-23 Merriwa Street, Gordon,
NSW 2072, Australia.
Doulton and Co. (S.A.) Pty, Limited,
P.O. Box 6254, Johannesburg 2000,
South Africa.
Doulton and Co. Inc.,
700 Cottontail Lane, Somerset,
New Jersey 08873, USA.

Doulton Canada Inc,
850 Progress Avenue, Scarborough,
Ontario M1 H 3C4, Canada.